Larry and Debbie Duke

We had lived in Columbus and were looking to relocate near Flowood to be closer to our grandchildren. We had been looking at new and older homes for over a year. The homes that we kept coming back to were homes that Christian Cowan had built. We liked the design, features and attention to detail that were used in his homes. We decided on the type home we liked and started the build process in the Cowan Creek Development. Christian worked with us during every step of the build, keeping us advised in advance when decisions on paint, flooring, etc. were needed. Christian never rushed us during this process and was very helpful to us when making these decisions. The contractors Christian used were friendly and experience in their craft and were never too busy to answer questions during the build. We enjoyed the whole experience and would highly recommend Christian and his team to anyone looking to build. A final note and one that I feel is very important was the few small items that needed attention after we moved in were handled in a timely manner and always to our satisfaction. Thank you Christian for a quality home and your continuing friendship after the sale.

April 2016